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October 5th, 2017

This Holiday Season DON

Remix Fine Artist, Talisa Hartley has an array of different styles of Art for every crew, group, crowd, entourage. This Holiday Season DON'T GET the SAME OLD BORING CARDS when there are thousands of wonderful unique artist cards like the Legendary Artist, Talisa Hartley. Life is not meant to be cookie cutter or one size fits ALL. Do something different & make a habit out of it. You wont regret it. You have My word on that. It is vital to step out of Your comfort zone for Your personal growth & development. What better way to start that New Habit... than with the way You buy Cards for the people You Love. Get them something they will keep forever, Art. It only appreciates. A gift that can be enjoyed for many years to come. Art is a gift that keeps on giving with each new individual that lays their eyes upon the piece. It can be a talking point, conversation starter & speaks an infinite amount of words. How You might ask...? Art speak a langue that is beyond ALL langue & breaks all langue barriers. People feel art & with that feeling the art is talking to the very SPIRIT & SOUL OF A WOMAN, MAN, or CHILD... It's message is always unique to its observer. AMAZING...Be a part of that doesn't take a masters degree... You don't have to be versed in Fine Art History... You don't even have to know how to draw a stick figure... To enjoy & appreciate the SOUL FOOD from an ARTIST'S HeART to Yours. All <3 Xo, Talisa Hartley

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